Quilting for the Guild

 Today I am sharing some photos of quilts that I quilted for the local quilt guild.  The quilts were not made by me, only quilted by me.  The quilts were made by a long time member, Mary, who had passed away.  I hoped to help make these last few quilts of hers the best that they could be.

The first one pictured I had volunteered to do because I liked all of the wide open white space.  I just knew it could be enhanced with some feathers.  Lots of feathers.

The quilting went pretty quick on this one because I quilt faster when I am drawing all over with thread, and also because I had loaded the quilt on the frame the night before the guild meeting so I had a goal!  I quilted almost all day -no laundry, no cooking,...but I made it in time!

All of the flowers on Mary's quilt were hand-appliqued and I worked up close and personal on this quilt and could not see the stitches!  Beautiful work!

The second quilt I am sharing is actually the first quilt I did.  This large Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt was also made by Mary and the piecing was phenomenal.

And of course, if I can find a way to use feathers....

And it's true, that's a lot of pebbles.

Mary had apparently planned to hand quilt each hexagon and had hand basted each one. Each stitch had to be gently removed.  I removed some and loaded the quilt and then quilted and removed more as I went along.  And anyone that came into my quilting studio while this was going on was cajoled into helping.  My son was home from college on spring break and I put him and his delightful girlfriend to work.

I took an extra couple of days before starting the next quilt because I just loved having that Flower Garden quilt to look at.

I have two more of Mary's quilts to quilt for the guild.  Hoping to get those done in the next week or so.

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