The Quilting Makes the Quilt

I think this quilt is a good example of how the quilting can really make the quilt.  The piecing of this quilt is very simple but the quilting makes this into a much fancier quilt.

I went on a trip to visit my daughters and brought along a couple of charm packs and my Singer Featherweight.  While in their town I visited the local quilt shop and picked up some brownish-greenish batik fabric that seemed to be the only thing that complimented these random charm squares.  I just sat at the kitchen table and made the most basic quilt top while I was there.

It's all just 4 patch blocks and sashing and then a border.  That's it!  This month I decided to quilt it and I was trying to create the idea of circles.  Can you see the circles emerge from all of that squareness?

My reluctant teenaged son Matt comes to hold my quilts for photographing.
My yorkie babies have to look it over once it's completed.

The quilting is mostly feathers (I love feathers) which I thought would compliment the style of the fabrics.

1 comment:

Mrs. D said...

Lovely quilt, outstanding in every way. Your little ones are darling!

So impressed by your work, and color selection. Perfection.

Best wishes,
Mrs. D


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