Two More Colorful Quilts

Here are my most recent quilting projects. I don't know the name of this first pattern so I call it the Circus quilt just to remember it.

These quilts were made by Marilyn and she sent them home with me to be quilted.   Marilyn knows that I am somewhat of a beginner longarm quilter (less than a year of quilting quilts for others) and has allowed me to practice my skills on her excellently pieced quilt tops. She trusts my judgement and never specifies what she would like quilted on her quilts.  She leaves it completely up to me, which can be a blessing...but also a real challenge.  I spend a lot of time thinking about a quilt before I begin!

In the circus quilt I saw the potential for pattern in the open white spaces.  I did a rough sketch and then just jumped right in.

I'm including a picture of the quilt before quilting.  It shows the basic quilt top before it is transformed with backing, batting, and complimentary quilting.  

I like quilting the quilts with open spaces, but I was convinced during the quilting process that I was putting too much effort into quilting that wouldn't show up.  I'm glad to see that it does indeed show up, although I may have put too much effort into it anyway. Thank goodness I actually like quilting with the longarm.  And I always benefit from more practice.

I don't think I have quilted ANY quilt that I felt great about during the process.  I'm always filled with doubt until I am finished.  Each time the same thoughts go through my head "well, yes, those other quilts turned out ok, but this one, well, it's not good.  Not good at all.  Better just finish it up and move on...."  Every. Single. Time.

This is definitely a custom quilting job but I am trying to improve my quilting with practice, practice and more practice!

The second quilt is the one that I call the Bright Buzz Saw.  I think these quilts are patterns that were in quilting magazines and they have real titles but I never saw the publication myself.

I reeeaaally had no idea how to quilt this one.  It was a mystery.  In the end, I just went with what I know.

Feathers and swirls were on my list of things I wanted to I use them a lot.

Hope you enjoy these samples of my work!

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Sam I Am...... said...

You are a wonderful quilter! I have paid big bucks for a computer operated long arm quilting and they never turned out as nice as yours. I think you are extremely talented and I would send my quilts to you in a heartbeat! Is yours a long arm that you do by hand? Not computer operated where you set it and walk away? Wow! I am truly very impressed! Congratulations to you! If this for a business you will have people beating down your door and I might be one of them! LOL!


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