Bohemian Quilt

Last week my daughter was getting ready for a big move.  She was due to leave Friday and the weekend before I decided I should make her a simple quilt in the bright bohemian colors that she loves.  I had 5 days to do it.  Did I make it?  Why yes, I did.

The key was to make it with big squares that would be fast to put together.  I also thought big squares would let some of the bold fabric patterns show nicely.

I decided to add a little bit of machine embroidery too.  I actually used some snowflake designs that I had.  I just used bright colors.

I decided to quilt the quilt in a random style.  I just practiced several different quilting styles that I like doing.  No straight lines; no time for that, ruler work would have gone much too slow!

While trying to take pictures of the quilt (on the morning of the move, while my daughter was putting the last of her things in her car), my little dog Albert was extremely nosy and wanted to inspect every arrangement of the quilt.

It was hard to get a clear picture because he kept moving the porch swing!

But I told he needed to cut that out because I was in a hurry.  So he did.  He was sorry.

Finished!  Just in time!


Sam I Am...... said...

Gorgeous quilt but you did all that quilting with your regular sewing machine free-hand? You are very talented! Your daughter is very lucky to have you make that for her. I hope her move goes well and she has a safe trip.

Our Country Bungalow said...

Hi Sam :-)

I did the freehand quilting on my longarm, a Handiquilter Avante. And I tell my daughter she is lucky all of the time! And she had a safe trip. Thank you for your kind words.



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