The November Quilt is Finished

I am happy to share that my November quilt is finished and only 10 days after my goal of November 1st.  I wanted the warm colors on our bed before winter set in.

I had this quilt and the colors swimming around in my head for a few months and in fact, when we moved our rooms around in September and repainted and carpeted the new master bedroom, I chose a wall color and carpet color based on this quilt that wasn't even started yet!

I wasn't really going to knock myself out with the piecing on this one; I just wanted a simple, old fashioned quilt in cozy colors and something to practice my quilting on.

I've put feathers on everything for the past couple of weeks.  I love feathers.

The goats gave me a perplexed look while I photographed the quilt on their fence this afternoon.

On to the Christmas stitching!


Rebecca said...

It's lovely--really, really lovely. I like the colors and the quilting pattern, too!

Sam I Am...... said...

Oh it's gorgeous! How I love those colors too..perfect for the the Fall/Winter season. I call those "cozy" colors. Are you using your regular sewing machine or do you have a quilting machine? You do beautiful work. I can't afford to take mine to be quilted as I about fainted when she told me how much it would be so I am machine quilting my own, first time and I have been procrastinating for forever. Great job!

Sam I Am...... said...

Never mind....I just went back to catch up and saw your quilting machine...very nice!

Mrs. D said...

Love your quilts! I will spend more time reading your posts and enjoying your beautiful quilts. I love your scrappy quilts. Lots of opportunities to express yourself in color, and you do it with such ease. Takes talent and vision--you have that by the baskets-full. I added you to my favorites list on my blog.

Best wishes,
Mrs. D


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