Late Winter....

Winter feels like it's dragging on and on.  I suppose it isn't really, since it's normal to see snow around here in late February/early March.  I think it just feels long because there has been so much snow this year. 

Just. So. Much. Snow.

I wonder when we last saw the uncovered ground?

Albert is growing and has taken to climbing up to the back of the couch and looking out of the window.  He is too little to ever know what warm weather is like and yet he seems to be asking when it will be Spring.

He goes outside a several short times each day but doesn't venture past the big snow banks surrounding the house.  I suppose I should be grateful for this long deep-snow winter since he seems to be a brave little guy and I know the great outdoors and all of its hazards will be something he will be eager to explore as soon as he can.  It will be much different having him here on our farm compared to our independent, low-maintenance big dogs.  I will have my work cut out for me.


I embroidered a little bit a week or so ago and made a pillow to replace my Let It Snow pillow I had had on display.  I thought a nice floral design would do the trick.

It did do the trick of brightening up the sofa but it didn't seem to have any effect at all on the weather.

Huh.  Imagine that.

Today I am stitching up a little St. Patrick's Day decoration. 

I'll post a photo later if it turns out nice.

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