Stitching Project for Today

Today's quiet afternoon project is a monogrammed pillow for the living room.

I have monogrammed all kinds of things.  Embroidered, appliqued, name it.

I think I will make another pillow, or maybe a slipcover, for the existing "Let It Snow" pillow on the left.  I think we may have had enough snow now.

I think.

And as always, there are new puppy pictures every day.

Albert loves to snuggle with Elsa.  I don't blame him, she is super soft.  Bunny soft.  And warm.

1 comment:

Sam I Am...... said...

Albert is the cutest and Elsa is so gentle with him...his little eye are the cutest...he's really alert and is that mischief I see? LOL?
You have really made use of your embroidery machine. I have lots of people I know that have them and have had them for years and haven't done near as much as you have in the short time you've had yours. I really like your projects too and yes, let's cover the snow pillow! LOL!


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