My Vintage Singer 201 Sewing Machine Cover

The weather this week has been a bit extreme with lots of snow and very cold temperatures.  Since there is little chance I will be venturing out anytime soon, I decided to make a little sewing machine cover for my vintage Singer 201.

 First I embroidered a cute sewing machine design.  I save all of these designs with hopes of finding a use for them.  The hoop size is 200 x 360 mm.  (I really need to clean my hoops!)
73,400 stitches!

I made some patchwork sections and made one large rectangle to fold over the machine from the bottom front to the bottom back.  I then backed the large rectangle and two side rectangles with scrap batting and backing pieces.  I didn't have a pattern so I took a guess and held up my pieces to the machine a lot.  I quilted the pieces on the 201 and then trimmed the two side pieces into an arch shape.

 I sewed them all together and found some scrap binding and lace for trim and viola!  All finished.

The machine does fold down into the table but I use it so often that I don't close it up that much.  Now my shiny black machine can stay cozy and hopefully dust free.  

Now back to enjoying this winter weather!  Stay Warm!

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