A New Baby!

Guess who has arrived here at the country bungalow!  A new puppy!

He came last week to live with our family and boy-oh-boy, is he adorable.  So much fun in such a small package!

As you might have already guessed, he's a Yorkshire Terrier...or Yorkie.  He's the smallest puppy we've ever had, although he's not as small as some of those yorkies out there.  We did not want a tiny "teacup" variety of yorkie, as they are just too scary small for me.  I have big dogs and probably a million other hazards that would be incompatible with a forever 2 1/2 lb. dog.  He should weigh a healthy size of 6-7 lbs. when he's full grown.  That's about the size of our dog who passed away a little while back.  She was big enough to keep up with us when we were outside, but small enough to take on trips and sit with us when we watched a movie.

When I first picked him up, I thought in my head of one name in particular, but we still took the time to live with him for a few days and make a list of 50 or so names that we liked and thought suited him.  As a family, we narrowed the list down to half...and then down to our top ten.  We just kept coming back to one name that everyone liked...and no one disliked.  And lo and behold, it was the name I thought of the moment I saw him.  Isn't that how it always goes?

His name is Albert.  Or sometimes Bert.  Or Bertie.  Or Prince Albert.... but mostly Albert.  And he definitely knows his name.

Our other small dogs came to us as adults with personalities very much established.  Unfortunately that meant they brought small dog syndrome with them.  They hated our big dogs and would growl or bark every time one came in the house or got too close.  Every. Single. Time

That was a lot of noise.

Now the leader of those two small dogs, the female, has passed away and the other of those two is elderly and pretty blind and pretty deaf and guess what that means? It means he doesn't even notice when a large dog comes in the house or peacefully walks past his warm little bed.  He just sleeps a lot and the world is a quieter place.  So. Much. Quieter.

And now there is Albert.  He hasn't barked really much yet, even when the big dogs hear something and bark.  I'm sure he will find his voice eventually.

I thought it would be great to have a puppy that grew up with the big dogs, and therefore not a Nervous Nellie every time they're around....and it is, so far.  But what I forgot about is that while the other small dogs had a natural aversion from getting anywhere near the big dogs, darling little Albert is just the opposite!  He loves them!  He's fearless and curious and doesn't mind them at all, especially Elsa the German Shepherd.  The Labradors are older and have let Albert know to leave them alone, and he does, but Elsa is willing to play a bit and he climbs all over her.  She is the calmest dog we've ever had and she lies on the floor and nuzzles him and plays gently. 

We aren't leaving Albert alone with the big dogs.  He will be protected when we leave the house, just in case.

He is friendly, not pushy, but affectionate.  He plays hard and then sleeps hard.  He seems to be housebroken too which is no small thing in that every time we had to take him out for the first week he was here it was a windy -10 below or worse!  Housebreaking a puppy in polar vortex week in not something I'd recommend!  I have to say it for him though, his visits to the outdoors can be measured in seconds...which is lovely when you're out there with him in your pajamas!

Hanging out with me, sleeping, while I arrange quilt squares...
I am sure I will be posting more about our new family member.  In this age of cell phones, someone is always snapping a picture or video of him. 

Oh and have I been my usual crafty self with him around?  Yes...I've already embroidered a blanket and 3 little toys for him.


Sam I Am...... said...

He's adorable! He's so cute at first I thought it was a toy..I mean a stuffed dog as in a real toy.
Albert does seem to fit him and I love Prince Albert. I've always had my older dogs train the younger ones and it's so easy that way. But you're smart not to leave him alone with them....some people forget they ARE animals and as much as you love them and trust them until they're acclimated to the "new member of the tribe" and he's just a baby...like any good parent you have to look out for his welfare. I can't wait to see more pictures! Congratulations to all of you and lucky little Albert to have you guys as family.

Primitive Stars said...

OMG!!!!! So so cute, love that wee furry face, Francine.

Karen Doyle said...

so adorable, you have brought back wonderful memories of when we brought our yorkie, Krumpet, home who is now six!
love your blog too!


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