Highlights from Autumn/Early Winter 2013

First of all, a Very Merry Christmas to you!

I haven't really been blogging much.  I haven't had much in new things to say...and instead my hands keep busy creating and cooking and keeping house here in our country bungalow. 
 I did my first very small craft show this past October.  It was not a well publicized event and had a pretty low turnout, but that worked out fine and it made for a good experience in seeing what the selling side of craft shows is like.  I sold a few things and felt pretty good about it.  There is much to learn in the crafty world, that's for sure.

I took lots of banners to the craft show and sold a few.  I made so many!  I love them.  Most of the designs are from Big Dreams Embroidery and are made in the hoop on the embroidery machine.
Laying out just some of the banners in preparation for the Fall 2013 craft show

I used a few bows in my own Autumn decor around the house.
I have made quite an assortment of mug rugs too.  They're fun to make, like little quilts!  My daughters all asked for some and they make great last minute gifts too.

I made some crafty, quilty goodness for my own home too.  I made a simple small quilt in warm Autumn colors.  It looks nice on my brown couch.

For Halloween we used a few of the banners to decorate and I embroidered some earrings for my girls too.  They were a big hit!

Monograms are big this year and I added my own to one of my winter purses.

While out and about Christmas shopping in early December, I spied this lovely beauty in the candle shop/ antique store.  She is a beautiful Singer 201-2 in wonderful condition.  She needed to come home with me.  She is amazingly quiet and smooth.  I tried out some free motion quilting with her and it's like butter.  We are going to be very close friends, she and I.

Here she is at the shop...calling me....telling me to come and take a closer look...

Free motion quilting is a piece of cake.
I made a couple of patchwork pillows for the sofa with some Christmasy fabrics and did some very basic stippling to give them depth.

I finished a red and white quilt in time to be displayed for the Christmas season.  I didn't take any pictures of it specifically, but you can see it in the first photo of this blog post and also in the background of this photo of one of my nosy dogs, Maggie.

My kids wanted to do a homemade Christmas this year, which was a wonderful idea.  But the joke was that for all of the things that I make, they actually did better than me in making all of their gifts.  It was wonderful.  They were extremely creative and put a lot of time into their gifts.

One of the things I did manage to make was a sewing machine cover for my daughter-in-law.  She has the same sized sewing machine as my newer Singer, only mine is black (The Singer 160) and hers is white (The Singer One).  This made it easy for me to make her gift and try it out to make sure it was a good fit.  With no pattern, it can be a guessing game, but it turned out to fit nicely.

My 160 and my adorable little Featherweight on the right.

 I also managed at the last minute to embroider a hoodie for one of my boys who loves all things Poland.

I made a quilt for my youngest boy, who is 14 and hadn't received a quilt from me yet.  I quilted it on the frame (Next Generation Grace frame) with my Viking Mega Quilter.  It's not my dream set-up, (read: it's not a long arm)  but hey, it works well for all-over quilting.

I've made lots of things this year but I am the worst for taking pictures of it all.  Maybe one of my New Year's resolutions should be that I take the time to get out the good camera on take better pictures!

A Happy New Year to everyone!  And my you have a blessed and safe 2014.

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camp and cottage living said...

You have been very busy!
I think your banners are so sweet and I missed you while you were gone.
Glad you're back!
Happy New Year-Kimberly


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