More Cute Banner Designs

I am stitching out more of these adorable banner designs.  I'm experimenting with some scrap fabric and adding some lettering.  

These cute little mason jars are for my daughter-in-law and her cheerful celery & cream colored kitchen.  The A is for Ashley.

This cheerful little Pep banner is for my niece (ok, she's not officially my niece but she is just like family)Her nickname is Pepper; Pep for short.  (Or pepper-jack or pepperbelly or red get the idea.  No one ever goes by their given name around here!)

Today I am stitching out something more seasonal.  Looking forward to sharing them later.


The Farmers Daughter said...

I'm loving all your banners! And, enjoyed Grandma's Kitchen at the fair!

Art Works said...

These are so beautifully made. Really nice!


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