Fair Week!

It is Fair Week!  On Sunday afternoon, we went on down for the big opening day.

My favorite thing at the fair has always been the exhibits and the animals.  The fairway, with all of the foods and the games and the rides is not really the part I enjoy the most.  I definitely prefer to see the efforts of local artists and crafters and the 4H kids and all of the livestock.

Some of my favorite exhibits were the scenes of rooms of the past.  My favorite, as one might imagine, was the Grandma's Kitchen scene.  That would be fun to do.

I love seeing the quilts and all of the other sewn items, as well as those knitted and crocheted crafts also.  As you can see below, the quilt with the wide brown border won a blue ribbon and it was my favorite too.  I should have entered a quilt!  Maybe next year....

The girls and I spent a lot of time admiring cakes and other baked goods.  This cute little iPhone cake had lots of admirers.  So clever!

Here we have a blue ribbon flake of hay...

I love watching the 4H kids lead (and sometimes wrestle!) their animals into the arena for judging.  This looks like a calm moment but those sheep had other ideas about where they'd like to be spending the afternoon. The kids won the battle though and managed to keep them in line.

Exhibits that I enjoy, but I have to admit I am puzzled by, are the ones of household items that people bring for judgingI would never think to just pack up something from home, whether it was a valuable antique or a simple household object, and haul it on down to the fair for judging and displaying.  This common muffin tin (don't we all have several of these?) won a ribbon!  Go figure.

Now this fair week is actually a calm week compared to last week.  I had a bit of work to do for the fair and I didn't even have any official entries!

My good friend and neighbor Lucinda was taking some of her prized dairy cattle to the fair for the 1st timeBoth she and her boy Glenn, who is one of my favorite people in the whole world, would be showing cows in the open class.  She asked me months ago about helping her decorate her space and I said sure!  But months came and went and every time I would call or text her and ask what she had in mind...well she didn't know.

So on Monday evening she texts and says she needs 60 feet of banners.  I ignore her because she is a nut.  Next day, she sends money for fabric.  Wait...what??  She's serious?  I call, confirm that she's serious, shrug, and head off to the fabric store.  And for the next 3 1/2 days I sew.  I applique, I embroider, and I even quilt.  My kids brought me meals in my sewing room.  My husband visited with occasional glasses of wine.  I send off periodic grumble texts to Lucinda and have to remind myself that honestly, she is one of the most generous people I know and well, whatever...I'm not really busy anyway....

First I applique each letter.  Then I embroider things that I think she will like.  Then I put it all together and free motion quilt it and bind it.  It turned out pretty good. 

Here it is in the dairy barn.

I didn't have enough fabric for any solid color banner so this was the substitute.  Some of the flags would have cow name tags eventually after I finished writing out the names of the cows who arrived later that day.

Glenn is below on the left and another seasoned cow-showing expert, Laura, is on the right.

As of today the first of the cows were shown and Alley, the Holstein, won a blue ribbon!

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