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I've done a bit of embroidering lately, lots of colorful things.  I think I am just anxious for spring to come and bring some color back to the landscape.  Until then, I will go to my spools of thread for inspiration.

I made a floral banner for my kitchen and after that my machine said it was tired and it would like to be taken in for a tune-up now.  So we aren't working together this week.

Before that I embroidered a couple of my jackets.  I wonder if I will ever get to actually wear them....we still have fires going in the house today so no, not yet.  Too cold.

I was testing out applique on the embroidery machine and made a simple pillow for the couch.  I have to say, I do like those tranquil rooms with the soft, pale colors but when I create something for myself I always reach for the reds, blues and yellows....  Maybe I will grow out of it someday.

As for farm news, the baby goats have started arriving and they are as cute and funny as ever.  Elsa has been very good with them this year.  They bring out her mommy aspirations, I think.

  So hard to get a good picture!

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Primitive Stars said...

Hello, OMG, what a sweet picture of the lamb with Elsa .....beautiful, love it.....Blessings Francine.


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