I'm Still Here


I'm still here.  Winter is dragging on and I can't really come up with much to say other than I have been sewing.  I have been doing a lot of sewing.   

In addition to countless Christmas gifts I produced here in my little sewing room, I have made two new queen sized quilts and quilted them, one for my youngest daughter for Christmas and one this month for my middle daughter for her birthday.

I have also machine quilted two other queen sized quilts since Christmas.  And several table runners and wall hangings. Just stitching and stitching!

Thought I might share some pictures of the things that have kept me busy.

 The quilt for my youngest daughter for Christmas.  Very girly colors.

I made this quilt for my daughter Emily in, gulp, about one week.  Cut, pieced, assembled, torn apart, reassembled, and quiltedShe's a student living alone and I wanted her to have a cozy bed.  Of course, during that week I wasn't the best cook but it worked out.  My 16 year old daughter is in a experimental cooking kind of mood.

I also bought new sheets and embroidered the pillowcases to go with the quilt.

I recently (on my birthday) bought a Viking Mega Quilter sewing machine on craigslist because I love my little Singer 160 and I have had fears about wearing it out with free motion work.  The excellent craigslist deal came with the Grace frame and the Cruise Control stitch regulator, but I don't know if I want it.  I am pretty comfortable doing machine quilting on a tabletop and I truly do not have a space for a 10 foot frame right now.  My husband and son saw the video of the mega quilter and frame and think it seems like the coolest thing but I don't know if it's for me.  Does anyone have advice?

I did bring the mega quilter home and practice right away on a little quilt made out of extra quilt blocks.  I do love the speed and smoothness of it.
Practice, practice...

I did this little quilt (featured here and at the top of this post) for my friend's birthday yesterday.

I have embroidered a few things and embellished a couple of pillowcases for myself recently.

One of the orange cats, Roxanne, likes to hang out in my sewing room and watch me sew.

I have been working on machine quilting the quilt that my daughter-in-law Ashley made, just trying out an all-over leafy design.

It seems like all I am doing is sewing, which is half true I suppose,  but this has been the first winter season where I have new machines to work with and a little bit more time.  For years I wanted to make things and quilt things, but the kids were younger, the farm was needier, the house was a never ending project in itself.  Now we aren't remodeling, building, fencing, or driving like we used to so I have found time to learn about and practice all of those things I always wanted to do.

And then there's youtube!  Sure there are millions of time-wasting videos out there, but there is so much free instruction there too!  How many times I watched free-motion feather quilting videos and then decided that I was ready to try it.  I tell ya, that's handy.

Of course, I have plenty of time wasted on pinterest too.  I have a ridiculous number of pins...oy!  But when I'm working on a project, I know right where to go for inspiration!

I will try to take time out from my stitching and keep up with the blogging as much as possible.  I'm sure with spring coming there will be more to photograph and chat about.  Baby goat season is just around the corner, for one thing...

Thanks for stopping by. :-) 



Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon, beautiful quilts...love the colors......Sweet kitty.....Oh ya, Pinterest, many hours looking.....Spring Blessings Francine.

pogonip said...

YouTube was like a virtual grandmother watching over my shoulder, helping me crochet a baby cap. And I can't begin to count the number of projects Pinterest has inspired (and I've completed them)! Love your quilts--well done!

Linda said...

So glad to see you're back! I've missed you. What lovely projects you've completed this winter. You're so creative!!!

Theresa said...

Was hoping you had not quit blogging.

Beautiful quilts.

Loree Clary said...

Your quilts are beautiful. I don't know how you have the time... with 7 children and all. It is probably relaxing for you! They are so pretty!


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