Thanksgiving Was Lovely, Now On To Christmas!

 Time is flying by. Thanksgiving was last week and it felt like it came so quickly!

I made a banner for the archway between the dining and living room.  
I should have used the better camera to get a picture....but you get the idea.
I had a little display on the table for the holiday and I took pictures thinking it looked nice and lo and behold, I see that someone put their bottle cap on the pumpkin stem.  Nice.  Thanks guys!

I am in a Christmas-y mood so I have already packed away all of the Autumn decorations and gave the pumpkins to the goats.  And the pigs too.  They were grateful.

It is unusual for me to do any Christmas decorating before December at least, but I am throwing caution to the wind and going for it early.  We even hung the first of the exterior lights around the back door yesterday.  We broke with our usual tradition of starting the exterior light decorating on the coldest day in December.  My son remarked that it seemed so different to be out hanging lights without the usual numb fingers and frozen face.  Crazy!

1 comment:

camp and cottage living said...

I always love seeing your embordiery projects.
Your banner turned out nice!
I was really ready for all the fall stuff to be over too. Funny how it last 3 months, but Christmas decorating for only one.


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