Rescued Kitty

Yesterday, on Halloween, we got a call from a neighbor asking if we could help rescue her cat.  Apparently, 3 days ago, some stray dogs had come through and chased her older cat and since that time the cat had been hiding out somewhere and they couldn't find her anywhere.  That was until yesterday, when an elderly neighbor heard the cat's sad meow in the distance.  When they looked they found her way up in a tree, out of reach for any of them.  They took a chance that one of my crazy-climbing-teens might be able to help.

The situation with the cat was even sadder when you factored in that we had had lousy, freezing rain mixed with snow weather after hurricane Sandy came through Michigan.  And windy!

And it gets even worse when you know that this particular cat had been found as a kitten years ago with both or her front legs broken and has had a life-long fear of jumping down.

So this poor creature had been up there freezing and wet and windblown for probably the last 3 days.  How sad is that!

The blue arrow points to the cat and the red arrow points to the maximum height of the ladder.
So we checked out the scene and realized it would be a job for our boy Peter, who was at work with handy hubby until 5 p.m.  We went home sad because we couldn't help yet and it was still raining.  She would have to wait a little longer.

But then 5 o'clock came and they went looking for the spot we said the they would find her and before we even could drive down to the tree, Peter had already climbed up and scooped her into his coat and climbed back down again.
 So the cat, Sweetie, is safely back home inside her warm house with her grateful family.



Pat said...

Thank goodness for the cat saver...great job!

Primitive Stars said... so grateful to rescue the sweet kitty... God Bless.......Francine.

Linda said...

Thank you SO much to my wonderful neighbors! My kitty is one very lucky feline indeed!!! And I am so grateful to you all for helping us out... What a blessing you all are to us! Linda <3

pogonip said...

I love happy endings!

Theresa said...

Great job, Peter!


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