Pet Cage Cover

On Sunday evening I worked on the new dog cage.  It will be in my daughter's room most of the time and that room is pink so I went through some pink scraps of fleece and cotton for the trim and made a cover and some bedding.

Handy hubby made a raised shelf inside the cage so that if either of our older dogs got off the bed and had any "accidents" it might not ruin the bedding.  They won't be closed in the cage except during the night when a little pad is laid down on the floor "just in case"The pad goes over the little carpet scrap that you can see in the picture.
The dogs are known as the bops mostly.  They are always together and everyone says things like "did you guys put the bops out?" and things like that.  Most of the time, because they bark, and because they can't seem to get used to the big dogs coming in and out, even though they have all lived together for years... most of the time people are grumbling "ugh...those bops!"  Everyone except for Maggie, who dotes on them.  (Ask me if I would ever have chihauhaus again.  Ok, perhaps you shouldn't ask.)
The oldest one is male and he is pretty blind so I didn't feel quite so bad about the very girly bedding colors. ;-)   When we showed them the finished cage they just walked right in.  They seem to like it.
 I made everything with the idea that it can all be tossed into the washer and dryer.  I will probably make an extra pillow for them to sleep on, in case one is in the laundry when bedtime comes.

They seem to like their little private room and haven't complained at all.

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Primitive Stars said...

What a wonderful job you did, looks great......happy Bops. Blessings Francine.


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