Holidays Are Just Around the Corner!

I have a countdown widget on the home screen of my phone reminding me of the number of days until Thanksgiving and then, of course, Christmas.  I cannot believe it is only 18 days until Thanksgiving.

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday I made a little pillow for my sofa out of some of this wonderful linen-type fabric that I used to have a bunch of, but not so much anymore.  I don't know where I got it; probably a dollar-a-yard Walmart find.  But I used a bit for my Thanksgiving pillow with a design from Embroidery Library.

I also did a sewing-for-the-pets project today and I will get some photos of that up soon.


Primitive Stars said... your pillow.....beautiful.......Blessings Francine.

Poppy said...

Cozy cozy pillow! Love the leaves!

Poppy :)

camp and cottage living said...

Love it! You are sure having fun with that machine of yours!


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