Two Embroidered Pillows

My most recent stitching projects have been two pillows, one for the bed in the RV and one for the couch in our little library.

 For the library pillow I used some denim that I had started to use for a skirt but changed my mind (after I messed it up), and I trimmed it out with leftover quilt binding from the quilt in the photo.
"I read, therefore I am."
When I am not sewing I am usually baking!  Mostly breads and a few desserts here and there.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!


camp and cottage living said...

Happy Halloween back at you!
Your pillows are beautiful-I love them both.

Sam I Am...... said...

Your pillows are gorgeous! Is that what you can do with your embroidery machine? Maybe I need to get one of those! LOL! I spend forever embroidering by hand and I still have nothing to show for it! LOL!
I love both your designs. Do you design your own or are those patterns you buy? Happy Halloween to you too!

becktovintage said...

Your pillows are like an art...:)) Wonderful.. Extraordinary wonderful...

Poppy said...

Hi Cathy,

Such cozy pillows; they look so comfortable! And those sweet(?) breads...nothing better to warm up a house on a cool autumn day than sweet treats in a hot oven. They remind me of our Greek Easter breads, which are delicious!

Have a great weekend.


Theresa said...

Love the pillows. Great work. Those loaves of bread look yummy!!


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