Beautiful Day for a Trip to the Orchard

We did end up making a trip to one of the local orchards yesterday.  There is a shortage of apples and we wanted to get there before the weekend as we were afraid they would sell out.

It was a good thing we went too, because almost all of the apples were gone and it was only Thursday.

The drive was perfect!  It was one of those perfect weather-sunny skies-golden leaves-driving with the windows down- kind of days.  There aren't too many of those and I am glad to have been out experiencing it.

As usual, I forgot the good camera, but the phone did alright. 

The little shop at the orchard was short on apples, but there is apparently a bumper crop of pumpkins and gourds which were on display.  So fall-y!

I love the apple shaped green gourds!
Some beautifully finished birdhouse gourds

Along the way we got stuck for a short time behind this guy, but we didn't mind as the weather was perfect and we appreciate the efforts of our local farmers.
The only thing I didn't photograph were the actual apples!  The older gentleman was so prompt in loading them into the car for me I didn't get a chance.  The only apples they had left were the Northern Spy variety, which is lucky for me because they are wonderful!  They're the best cooking apple.

I get a picture of something apple soon.  Maybe I will make a crisp today.  Or maybe a pie....

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