Autumn Begins

       Happy September!

Like many people, I love this time of year.  I get very nesty.  I bake more and I get really crafty.

I have been sewing quite a bit and I put together a quilt for some more free-motion quilting practice.  I also did the spray basting method for the first time.  It worked out really well and I like how the fabric feels solidly stuck together, like one thick piece of fabric.
My kids were hanging around so I had them assist me on sandwiching the layers together at the kitchen table.  I watched these youtube videos where quilters were spray basting big quilts alone and they made it look easy.  It is easy, but it is tricky getting the wrinkles out too.  I was glad the kids were around when I was making my first attempt.

The free-motion part isn't hard and there are countless demonstration videos out there.  I did have problems with back stitches coming out even, and I did research other quilter's tips on how to fix them.  There are a LOT of different opinions out there too.  I tried a couple of things that I had read about and came to the conclusion that I will just have to practice and really understand my machine.

One thing that I found helpful was the suggestion that using cotton thread for the quilting and then washing and drying the quilt will tighten up a lot of loose stitching bumps and loops.  And thankfully, I found that this is true. (whew!)

The plaid flannel backing really helped hide my (train wreck) less-than-perfect stitches.
All Finished!
I didn't mark anything or use any pattern and just kind of went along drawing on the quilt with the threadLike I said, it was for practice.  I have other quilt tops waiting in the wings that I don't want to mess up so this was a good first try.

What else has been going on...hmm...

My kids attended the annual Civil War Muster Ball again.  And they all looked great and had a good time.

so serious!
This week I have been getting some machine embroidery practice. This is another skill that I would like to master but I have a long way to go.  There is so much to remember!  Fabric types, stabilizers, needles,  downloading designs, etc., and of course, having a machine that isn't moody and will behave when you want it to.  I have been keeping at it, because I really want to be able to use this part of my machine, and I have been doing my best not to give in to fear and loathing when I put time into embroidering and have a mistake come at the very very end of some big design.  Or a stupid mistake like the ones yesterday, where I grabbed a t-shirt from my 13yo son's room and embroidered a ship and his name on it and realize at the end that there is a big hole under the arm.  I can fix it but ...groan... did I miss that?
It's another beautiful September day and I have much to do so that's all for now!



Autumn said...

Your quilt is lovely and it is so nice that the "kids" helped. I laughed at your caption on the Civil War Muster photo of all your "kids."

Happy Autumn to you and your family.


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

It's beautiful! You are a clever clogs! It's official. ;-)

I'm just the same in September - I get all nesty too!



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