My Trip To Ikea and The New Chair

On Friday we made a trip to Ikea, just Handy Hubby, youngest son, and myself.  All of the other kids were scattered here and there with friends or on trips so Matt got stuck loved coming with us.

Ikea is about an hour and a half away and we ended up taking the motorhome.  We figured Matt (and the chihauhaus) could hang out and watch movies and leave me in peace to shop.

It was pouring rain and chilly when we left and sunny and warm at Ikea.  Go figure.

I went specifically to look at getting the Ektorp armchair.  I have wanted one for a long time and I am really liking the idea of washable slipcovers.  
 I researched it to death, even checking the package size to see if it would fit through the RV door.  (It did, no problem.)

Handy had never been to Ikea and had no clue about the layout or even what type of store it was.

Matt did end up coming in when I said that there was food available at the Ikea cafeteria.  He's 13 and growing several inches a year and gets a feeding every couple of hours, pretty much.

We checked out the furniture early on and confirmed that the Svanby beige was the one for me.  

Too bad I didn't want Idemo Brown though, they are marked way down!

Handy spent quite a while in the kitchen countertop/cabinet department while Matt and I browsed.

I saw lots of things I liked at Ikea but I'm just really not in the market for much in the 'housewares and home furnishings'  department.  For the most part, I am past that part of life.  I did purchase a stainless pasta spoon thingie and some sheets though. 

At the end of our Ikea tour, we found our ektorp boxes in the warehouse and went on to the checkout.

This sign cracks me up every time because of the *not actual size clarification.  Do they really need to point that out?  Did someone somewhere request the minivan-sized hotdog?

We loaded up our chair box and drove on home.
Oh hello...huge awkward box squeezed into the RV...
At home, we decided to tackle assembly quickly...which was super easy...and fast.

I told hubby that the directions called for a thorough squeezing of the chair arms so he obliged.

I would say all went well and I think the chair is very comfortable.  It feels surprisingly solid.  It is a bit wrinkly but we'll see if that smooths out over time.  I love the classic look of it.  And the price isn't bad either.  

The pure white cotton covers are a fraction of the cost of any other cover, which is a bummer because my home has almost no white, but I saw on another blog where someone used Rit dye for their white ektorp sofa cover so I will keep that in mind for an inexpensive back-up slipcover idea.

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Tara said...

Love that chair.I work at Ikea and I still haven't been shopping for furniture.It will happen though, I can feel a splurge coming on..xx


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