Summertime Fun

I have been gone from my little blog for nearly a month!  Where does the time go!

What can I say?  It's summertime.
It's been a beautiful summer so far and for the last month I have kept pretty busy.  

The girls and I went to see Neil Diamond on July 3rd.  It was fun!  Singing and dancing with thousands of people!

Been to lakes to swim!

Bought a new cruiser bike and we have been riding and having picnics all over the place!

Love swimming in the pool at night!
Pull in, dump your teens out, and enjoy the park!

Try and keep up!

1 comment:

Lorilee said...

Looks like good summer fun. I am still shopping for a cruiser. Sadly, school will be starting for me in a few weeks. I'm not dine with summer yet!


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