The Robin

She is doing well but there aren't any babies yet.  If I open the front door to go out I only see a blur of her flying away so I took a couple of pictures from inside the house, through the window in the den.  

She was watching me too.
These are just phone photos and the glass is wavy glass so it's not that clear.  

But so far, so good.


Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

What a great place for a nest! I hope you are able to see the babies hatch and grow. We had one nest last year in the holly right next to our front door, just at my shoulder height, so I watched those babies grow and fly away! This year the nest is in our table umbrella--just as if the umbrella was a tree! I have been peeking in and there are three gorgeous eggs! Mama Robin does not like it and Daddy Robin is watching me too! Have a great day. Linda

Sam I Am...... said...

I have a bird (don't even know what kind she is) that nests every year on a curved gutter in an outside corner of my house. It's right by the guest bathroom window and like you, I only see a blur of her flying away from the nest when I open the window there. But I've been talking to her and the other morning she landed on the outside window sill. The other day I heard the babies! They strike up a real ruckus when she returns to the nest and I'm sure they're all saying "Me first, Me first!" LOL!
I can tell when they're napping after she feeds them in the morning and then there's an afternoon feeding too and then naptime again. I can't see them but I can hear them loud and clear! She's a great mama bird and comes back there every year to nest.


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