All Grown Up

Well, it happened.  Our little guests grew up and moved out.

I was expecting it, of course, as they were getting a bit pushy and jumpy.  Their parents were working non-stop to feed them and they seemed so large when they popped up and snatched the worm from mom or dad.

I was hoping to see them leave and we checked on them all of the time; but as it happens we had to go to church on Sunday and that was when they decided to move on.
Oh well.
Looking on the bright side I would say that I am glad we got such an up-close view to this little beginning of life.

And I am very happy to be able to enjoy my porch again!


Prims and Annies said...

they are so cute
We feed the birds and have a yard full of them, also feed the squirrels too. We have pecan trees so they are busy burying nuts all the time. We have two extra large birdhouses and the squirrels sleep in those. Thanks for sharing your pics
Have a great day!

Sam I Am...... said...

Aw...they do grow up! Thanks for sharing their childhood with us!


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