A Sewing Room Brightens Up!

This past weekend, my lovely daughter-in-law went with our other daughters on a trip to Chicago. They left on Friday and didn't come home until Monday.

Before she left, my DIL took the time to paint her sewing room.  She's been wanting to fix it up and make it a bright and cheerful place to be crafty.  

It's room with lots of sunlight and a few pieces of hand-me-down furniture (from me, mostly.   It's like a trip down kitchen-table-memory-lane in there) and there was a lot of dark, mismatched, and scratched wood.  I know she had plans for painting things but with her working two jobs and all, I don't know how she finds the time!

So while dropping off some of my other boys at their house over the weekend, so that they could help their older brother finish removing the old rotted deck in the back yard, I snuck a peek at her sewing room paint job.  Such cute colors!  

I was inspired.  I decided to try and help her get ahead so she could jump in to using her new space.

So I call my already busy Handy Hubby and ask what he thought about helping me with painting up some furniture for our peach of a daughter-in-law.  I mean she is an absolute peach and this is something Handy agrees upon so he said to bring it on home.  (He is far better to me than I deserve...and he would agree with that too!)

Load it up boys!

I grabbed the old brass lamp sitting there because I had a vision of a way to make it a lot more charming.


So I spray painted the lamp and got out the fabrics and trims and did a re-do.  Went for a cute cottage look.


So about two hours before they arrived back home on the train, we were back in her sewing room with furniture, curtains, and a few other details.  We even brought a couple of fresh peonies from the garden.

My youngest daughter wanted to add her touches to the room so she made the banners for the windows.

All finished!  At least for now.  We are looking around for a hutch or some bookcases to fix up so that she can display her fabrics and yarns (oh my goodness, can that girl knit!)

 Now I am hoping she will get a little time for doing some things she enjoys in there.

And yes, I think she liked it. 

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Rebecca said...

Now that is just downright beautiful! I expect many, MANY happy & creative hours will be spent in there :)

Sam I Am...... said...

What a wonderful thing you did! And what a wonderful family you have! It turned out SO CUTE! I wish you lived next door then you could come over and help me! LOL!
BTW...thank you for putting me on your sidebar! I just noticed it...I looked and thought...emmm...that looks familiar! LOL! It was! Have a great evening!

Lillie Mae Acres said...

She is surely blessed to have such a sweet mother in law. I'm sure she knows that. The sewing rm looks great.

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

I love it!

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Great recycle!

Kelli said...

Beautiful! And what a great mother-in-law you are! :) That lamp is my favorite. TOO cute!

Jann Olson said...

Oh my gosh! Everyone needs a MIL like you. The lamp is so darn cute. I love the pom pom trim. The curtains and banner add such a sweet touch. The entire room will be a wonderful place for her to create. I bet she liked it! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. I am now following you.

CAS said...

It's a darling room! How sweet of dear MIL & FIL to do that for their DIL. I'll bet she loves you guys to pieces!

Jann Olson said...

Hi Cathy, I just wanted to let you know that I am featuring you on Share Your Cup today.


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