Mini Kitchen

Good Morning All!

Handy Hubby is doing a rehab job for a recently widowed woman, a regular customer.  This mini kitchen was in a small wing of the ranch-style house she purchased.  It is in mint condition and in perfect working order; it looks like it hasn't ever been used.  

I was thinking that it might be of some value to a small house builder; perhaps the tiny Tumbleweed house community?

I said I would see if anyone had any advice about finding the best way for her to sell it.

I have more photos and if anyone has any specifics about finding the unit a new home, just email me.

Thanks :-)


Rebecca said...

Oh, I wish I already had found my "tiny house"! I'd be on this in a nanosecond. It's adorable.

Sam I Am...... said...

It's darling! I'd take it in a heartbeat but I'm not staying here but it would also be great for a basement.


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