May RV Trip and The Bridge

A couple of pictures I thought I would share from our small collection of photos.  I didn't take pictures on this trip like I usually do.  I didn't even use the good camera.  These are just phone pictures; not in any particular order.

Of course I was crafty along the way.  This time it was with felt.

I brought a basket of felt scraps and some embroidery floss and a few buttons.  As they say, crafting keeps you sane, and with traveling along with four teenagers I wanted to be sane.

Our little stuffed sheep, Dante and Papa, peeking out the window 
It's only the beginning of May, and still quite cold, but when we stopped at Lake Michigan the kids couldn't resist.
We parked in a small, lakeside town in Wisconsin for a while so the kids could go off and work on their movie that they are filming.
It's hard to get left behind while the kids are out on the beach...

One funny thing is while crossing the Mackinac Bridge we looked online at the webcam to see if we could be seen and we told Handy Hubby to "go slow!" so we could try and capture our picture.  And it worked!  That's us!

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Sam I Am...... said...

Cool! An RV! What a way to travel! I've been on one once and I loved it! How cozy and you can move around and not have to stop to go to the bathroom..that's the nuts!
What a great trip. Isn't Mackinac Island where there are no cars allowed?
I love working with felt and your little RV is just darling. You are very talented! Glad you all got home safe and sound.


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