Just Got Back

We just got back from a trip up north in the RV.  We traveled up to Northern Michigan and then back down through Wisconsin and down around through Chicago and on home to Michigan.  I have a few pictures to go through and lots of laundry to do!

I love going off on little trips, it's true, but I love coming home too.

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.


Sam I Am...... said...

How fun! Who takes care of all your critters when you're gone? Did you bring any "treasures" home? Trips away make you appreciate what you've got at home. Glad you had a safe one. I so Love that table runner and always your decorating!

Our Country Bungalow said...

One of our older boys had to work so he stayed home and took care of the animals. The little dogs came with us.
Didn't bring any treasures home, unless you count my college daughter's bike and bins from her dorm room. :-) We dropped off her sister and took some of her stuff in exchange. They went off to adventure and drive home together and we went the other way.
Thanks for your nice comment.


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