Finished the Penny Rug

I don't know if it's called a penny rug or a mat or a table runner...but whatever you'd call it...I finished it. 

I used craft felt for this first project.  I intended it for use in the kitchen.

For now I have placed it on top of the wooden box (that I spray painted black) that holds our special occasion silverware.  It sits at the end of the island.

It was a simple project to do; if there's a right way (or a wrong way) to make one of these, well I have no idea because all I did was see a photo somewhere and figured it couldn't be that hard.  Felt circles?  check.  Embroidery floss? check.  Black felt backing?  check.  All that's left are lots and lots of blanket stitches.

Since I started making it a week or so ago, I have been to a few antique shops and boutiques where I saw a few different styles of these felt creations.  I looked them over, front and back, and pretty much concluded that I was doing all right with mine.

I have a little basket of felt leftovers and I'm thinking about what I would like to make next.  

It's kind of ironic really, that I just got this new sewing/embroidery machine and suddenly I'm all-about-handsewn-projects.  But I needed something to work on outside because at last!  It's porch and patio season!

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Tammy said...

You did a fantastic job! Doing three layers takes a lot of time. I only do 2 circles--I cheat. Love it on top of the box.

Sherry said...

Great job on your rug! It look like it took a lot of patience but it's lovely. I discovered you on Savvy Southern style and I'm now a follower. I would appreciate if you could follow back. Tx

becktovintage said...

It is amazing... Very hard work. But it's an art. So beautiful and very decorative with other decors on the table.. Best wishes...

Mrs. D said...

Ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, I love this!

Can't wait to try one. Thanks for showing your beautiful art piece.

Mrs. D

Sam I Am...... said...

Very nice and of course I love all the colors! I really enjoy handwork when I'm sitting and relaxing.I love your penny rug.


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