Antiquing Trip

This past week Handy Hubby and I celebrated our 25th Wedding anniversary!

We aren't big on exciting celebrations and we never do anything other than the rare dinner or movie out alone.  In fact, until this week, I had never left my kids overnight before.  25 years....they grow up and get married and move on and I still hadn't ever gone anywhere.  Not that I mind, as I'm the type of gal who, when spending any extra money, would look forward to pouring a new concrete sidewalk more than a weekend away.  Happily for me, Handy is the same way.

So this week, we decided to break the tradition of staying home and hop in the RV and go someplace alone.  It was strange at first to be without the kids, but we adjusted quickly!  I mean, love ya kids, but choosing our destinations without any complaining from the passengers or finding zero pudding cups laying around whenever we made a stop...well it was a whole new world.

We had dinners out, went to some flea markets and did a lot of antiquing.  We just goofed off and it was fun.

I take pictures wherever I go and these are some of the things that caught my eye.
A simple quilt square pocket with twigs.  Cute!

I've been working on my own penny rug project so I snapped pictures of similar crafts.

Saw a few of these beds-turned-benches and I thought they were great.  If I had had a place at home to put it, I would have snapped this one up!  (although how I would have hauled it would have been a good question)

Patchwork and felt!
A huge gallery of quilts.  I loved it.  They were true works of art.
I had a lot of fun just browsing around.  Hopefully we will get a chance go out like this again a few more times this summer.


Sam I Am...... said...

I love the pictures because I NEVER get out! LOL! And I'm so like you...practical to the core! But sometimes we do need to get away if only to appreciate what we have to come home to. Clear out the cobwebs, get re-inspired, and come back renewed and refreshed. Thanks for sharing! I too love wool and felt and fabric....etc.

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the pics. Where did you go? Would love to see the quilts in person. Makes me think of my mom. :-)


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