More Machine Quilting Practice

I machine quilted the last of my patchwork table runners over the weekend (at least I think it was the last one...the funny story was that I was in the mood to sew and was browsing online looking for inspiration and saw one and went "Hey wait!  I know I already made one like that!"  And then I went down to the kitchen and found it...and then quilted it!)

This log cabin runner is one of my largest (and most colorful) ones.  It looks good with the black elements in my kitchen (the chairs...the cookstove..the Labradors, etc.)
I use it when I'm in the mood for some color.
I should have taken better photos to post (these were with the phone) but I am impatient and thought I'd share these quickly.

I didn't do any quilting today because I was getting experimental with machine embroidery.  I have learned quite a bit in the last ten days or so and big thanks to sewing instructor Carla and to those people who make all of those youtube tutorials that are so popular with my menfolk around here.

I am planning to post  about my new machine but I wanted to really get to know it before we talk publicly about our new relationship. 

Keeping It Simple: Motivate Me Monday


Shelley said... it...blessings on your week.

Sam I Am...... said...

I love it! You have given me confidence although sewing is not on my radar right now but oh how I wish it was! I have been spending LOTS of time browsing fabric sites because I just found Lucien repro chintz fabrics that I am in love with! Budget's hard to be in love! LOL! You go girl! I love log cabin of my favs!


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