It's March...Isn't It?

Had to go to town today.  It is very warm out...beautiful really.  Perfect weather for a nice June day.

Except it's not June.

It's March.   

I was waiting in traffic and I snapped this picture of the temperature in the rearview mirror.  Because it kind of shocking really.

I should have January and February were muddy with the ground thawing out (very early for that sort of thing and something I definitely notice when living with three large dogs).

I remember years ago having the temperatures reach up into the mid-seventies on my birthday (mid-March).  I thought that was amazing as I have seen plenty of birthdays with mostly snow and even a few blizzards.

But 85+ degrees on St. Patricks day weekend?  



Rebecca said...

Our high was exactly THAT today! An all-time record for this day in Fort Wayne, IN!

becktovintage said...

Ohh It is a very hot day. I think It is about 30 Celcius. In Turkey It's about 20 Celcius. It means 50 F. So hot weather in March..

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hasn't it been a strange winter and spring Cathy! It's been a warm winter here in Kansas too with no real snow to speak of and Spring has been so warm and sunny...until this week. We finally got some good rain that should help with the drought we've had for over a year. Who'd have thought Michigan would see such warm temperatures this early! Enjoy it while you never know what's going to happen next week ;)
Maura :)


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