Switching Kitchen Cabinets...

It has been very quiet and a bit of a yawn around here.

I've been changing some things up in the kitchen. I switched out my Hoosier cabinet and brought in the baking cabinet that had been on display on the front porch.  It's a pretty radical change for me; I have had some sort of Hoosier cabinet in my kitchen for over a decade.  I am grateful that my kitchen arrangement can allow for some changing now and then.  Although it is a large room, I have very little built-in cabinetry.

I loved my Hoosier but I got to thinking that I would like a pop of some blue in my kitchen and by bringing in the cabinet, I didn't even have to paint anything.

Plus, the Hoosier has this big storage space on the bottom that kept turning into this black hole that swallowed up mixing bowls and pots and pans (especially lids to the pans!) every time my boys helped put away clean dishes.  I was tired of being on my hands and knees in front of that Hoosier door, searching for a lid to a pot.

I have less storage space now, yes, but it makes me go through and evaluate what I really need to keep and what I can let go.

I'm still not finished, because every time I make a change like this it ends up that I reorganize just about everything in the kitchen and pantry, but I have made great progress in the last 24 hours.

I will post better photos when I am finished with all of my rearranging.


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I think it is good to mix things up and make changes. You can always change it back plus that is when I do some of my best cleaning is when we move something.

Sam I Am...... said...

I agree with you and Elaine....if I rearrange then it actually forces me to end up cleaning everything out which it always seems to need anyway. I have a white Kitchen-aide too and that is one indispensable item in my kitchen.
I started rearranging my kitchen a few weeks back and I'm still at it! LOL! In fact, I need to get "back at it" and finish up! I think you just gave me the motivation! Yours looks really nice!


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