I love home libraries. And as weird as it is in the current decor world of light and whites, I love dark rooms.  I love cluttered, cozy rooms. I love the little nest feeling.  And I love being surrounded by books.

I love red, and I always gravitate toward patterns. I loved this tray against the patterned wallpaper.


And I love the idea of adding color and pattern to these slipcovered dining chairs. I have these chairs and the same slipcovers (and the ties do want to touch the floor on mine too) and I am thinking about making some sort of panels that I can change out when I am in the mood for something new.  Hmm...

I love cookstoves.  This one is beautiful.  My stove doesn't have nearly as much charm as the one pictured, but it does usually have a pet on the floor next to it.

Just thought I'd share a few random photos that I found on Pinterest.


labbie1 said...

Great collection!

I'm still trying to figure out how to add pictures to my pinterest boards. Everytime I see something and click on the pin button on my tool bar, it says it cannot find any large pictures on the page I am on.

Frustrating! Guess I am Pinterest challenged! LOL

camp and cottage living said...

Great photos you've collected from the pin. I love browsing it too.
I love the floral tray and floral wallpaper especially!

Cindy said...

You found some great images. I also love a library like the one that you pictured. It feels kind of like a cocoon that you wrap yourself in and just settle in to read. The world quickly fades away. That's a great chair slipcover idea. I also have parson chairs and I am considering making slipcovers for them as soon as I finish the ones for my wing back chairs. I also love cookstoves. I cooked on one for a couple of summers and I loved the whole process, I would still love to have one, just to feed it with wood and feel the heat that gently cooks the's another world.
Hugs, Cindy


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