Michigan Historical Museum Visit

We have been laying pretty low since the beginning if this new year.  Winter days can drag on, especially with the weird weather we've been having, so we took a trip to the Michigan Historical Museum in the capitol last week.

We have visited this museum before, several times, and we know our way around.  It's a really nice museum and in the afternoons it is really quiet.

There are great exhibits focusing on the logging and mining industries of Michigan.  And of course there are tons of interactive displays that cover the auto industry and Motown too.

I always check out my favorite exhibits that focus on homes of the past century and my favorite is, of course, the bungalow. So cozy.

Bungalow plans on display

The Victorian-era home is beautiful too.

Amazing cars....

Kitchens of the past...love the stove
My favorite kitchen...but of course, I love all wood cook stoves.

So pretty...and timeless.  Would look beautiful today.

The museum is spread out over several floors and there is also a ground floor area that is usually devoted to a traveling exhibit of some sort.  Even though we have visited this museum several times, we can always find something new to study.

Are we having fun? Hmm?
Why yes.  Yes we are.


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh how I would love to see those rooms in person. Love all the vintage goodies. I want some of those kitchen items for my 50s kitchen.

Sam I Am...... said...

Hope you are all better now since your mouth surgery! Ouch! Love the museum and thanks for posting it. I am the same way, especially in the Winter I like lights on and coziness with candles and surrounded by my "busy" decorating. I loved the tray against the wallpaper too. And the old kitchens...your favorite was mine! I'm catching up with your blog so I'm talking about several posts. I loved that library room. It's not too much for me! In fact, I have books everywhere! Thanks for sharing and for having me on your sidebar! I was so excited! I'll do you also...I've been meaning to do buttons and stuff for awhile now. TTYL!


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