Simple Christmas Ideas...

...that I plan to try.

What a cute little garland!  Such a simple idea, and yet I have never seen one before.  I am making this one for sure. Now where is all of my scrap yarn.....

I have all of the ingredients for this potpourri, so why not?

click for recipe

These little slippers are so cute.  I think I will see how much felt I have left.  I wonder if you could use felted wool sweaters.  I don't see why not...

Link for directions

I have been busy busy busy...lots of knitting and sewing.  But I can't post any projects pictures yet because some of the recipients occasionally read what I write here... :-)

Hope everyone is enjoying the season~  Merry Christmas

1 comment:

camp and cottage living said...

I love your scrap yarn garland!
And all your other ideas for gifts made with stuff most of us have around the house.
I've been throwing cinnamon sticks in my cast iron kettle on the wood stove. I love the aroma. I'll have to try your recipe, though.


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