Progress in my Little Library

The last couple of days have been devoted to rearranging our library / den. I thought I'd share a couple of photos of how it's coming along.

The first thing I did was kick out the big desk with the big desk top computer and all of its wires and and router and speakers ...and also the big office chair that went with it.  The computer went upstairs, the desk went to the garage...(Hubby says "yay.")

I also took out the large antique armoire that was housing games and such.  I love that piece (currently on the front porch, waiting for me to make up my mind) but everything in it was hard to see and difficult to get to.  I just want the walls in this little room to be devoted to bookshelves and books.

So now we have a cozy area for reading. Sorry about the blurry pictures, I took these with my phone to text them to my daughter up north at the university.

My 12yo son wanted to be able to play board games and asked if we could have a bigger coffee table because, as he says, the living room one always has "stuff on it" (my candle holders and such). So I brought back the extra table I had in storage.  

I also brought in the brown wicker chair that was in storage for the winter and there was much confusion when I asked the teenaged boys to go and get it from the barn.  They looked in four outbuildings and still couldn't find it...which prompted a call to hubby,...who didn't know where it was...but I was insistent, because "it's a chair people...who could lose a chair?"  It was found, finally, in the firewood barn with the tractors.  And there was peace again.

So I will be decorating a little bit today and I have to do some Christmas gift sewing too!


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

What a warm and inviting room. I love the plaid sofa. I have some very similar colors in my home as well.

Dylanarman said...
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camp and cottage living said...

Your library is a cozy place I would love to snuggle comfortably in to read! It looks great!
What's with that previous comment?
Kind of strange!!

Audrey said...

How cozy your library is! Never can have enough room for books. My husband was born near Detroit, but I have never been to your state. Looks wonderful there.

Ashley said...

Love the changes! So much more cozy without the computer...


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