How Was Your Christmas?

How did it go? Hope you enjoyed it! 

We had the best time!  I can't remember a better Christmas.  Our focus with gifts this year was more on the homemade or repurposed or vintage treasures.  There were some new-from-the-store gifts, but there were lots of homemade presents exchanged.  It was awesome!

I don't think I baked quite as much this year as I usually do, but I was busy sewing and knitting and making some personalized gifts for everyone.  It was a bit hectic the final week...I kept looking at the pile of unfinished projects and wondering how it was ever going to come together.  (right now I'd like to say a big thank you to my Handy Hubby for the long time you spent helping me wrap everything!  You saved me!)
Handy, hard at work wrapping gifts in our probably-not-so-secret gift hideout...the motorhome
Christmas Eve was last minute project day and my girls made a fabulous dinner.  In addition to the meats and vegetables, they made delicious homemade pierogi and some extra-buttery butterhorn rolls.  My Emma made her traditional Borscht soup which always makes me nervous around the white tablecloths!  "Don't spill!" I always say.  But it is so good.
Of course the true joy of Christmas was celebrated with a trip to Midnight Mass.  The music was beautiful and we enjoyed it all very much. Despite the late hour, there is a great deal of energy and joy for the long ride home after Mass.

Christmas day was a huge blast, with lots of thoughtful and often funny gifts.  We always take our time and open our gifts one at a time, slowly, so we can appreciate the recipient's reaction when they receive something that they really love.  It takes forever, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  Later on, when our son and his wife arrive, the gift exchange starts over with the kids exchanging gifts the secretly got for each other.  It is so fun to see the kids reaction.  I love the excitement with those who are on the giving end!  This year we had Grandma and Grandpa over, and they brought gifts, and Ellen, who brought gifts, and I think we only took a bit of time off to eat dinner and it was back to exchanging again.  They aren't huge and expensive gifts, but they are selected and/or made with great love. 

I am grateful for my family and for all that they do.  Their generosity and hard work, creativity and thoughtfulness made this Christmas very special.  It was truly wonderful.

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