Thanksgiving Will Be Here Before You Know It

Thanksgiving is coming up fast....where does the time go?  I am looking forward to this Thanksgiving week because our daughter will be coming home on a break from school.  Yay!  

I know she's looking forward to it too.  This is her first year away from home and she has been homesick.  We are a very close family and we spend a lot of our free time together and I know she misses all of the fun and laughs.

So this year I have plans to make things fun for the days that she's home.  She says life in a dorm makes you miss cooking and that's fine with me...she can make whatever she wants when she's here.  I'll have the ingredients ready!
Can't wait.


Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Cathy,

What a pretty Thanksgiving post; such colorful images. I really LOVE your cook stove; it must be a lot of fun to cook on!

Thanks so much for following on my blog and I'm your newest follower, too. :) Happy Seasonal Sunday!


labbie1 said...

Our son is coming for a visit at Thanksgiving and I am just beside myself with anticipation! :)


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