Sofa Appreciation

 Do you ever walk through one of your rooms and stop and say "I really like that."?  

I did that with my sofa.  I really like my sofa.  

It is big for our little living room but we are rather tall and it is comfortable.  The dark color doesn't show wear & tear.  It gets used heavily and yet it looks the same as the day we brought it home.

And I bought it on craigslist.  From a college kid who's parents bought it for him after visiting and finding he needed something to sit on.  And he turned around and sold it to me.  

The worst thing about the color is that it shows dog hair if our little white dogs climb up on it.  Which is why you can see the puffy round dog bed on the floor in the photo.  We try to convince the chihauhaus to use the "danish" instead of the furniture. (It is known as the danish because one of the little dogs is occasionally referred to as cream cheese; hence the "cheese filled danish")

I have plenty of moments where I walk through a room and say "you know...I don't really like that"  so I thought I would share a more positive moment today.

The House in the Roses


Diane said...

I really like that sofa too! Diane

camp and cottage living said...

That's the spirit. Look on that which is 'good'! I like your comphy
couch too.

Michelle said...

love, love., love that sofa...I wonder what that poor boys parents did to him when they found out he sold it. LOL

Ashley said...

I love your couch, too!
It's nice that the tiny dogs are the only creatures that lounge on yours... : /

Erin of Salvaged Whimsy said...

That's funny about the college kid selling the couch...I wonder how he explained that to his parents when they visited. What a wonderfully comfy and cozy looking room...and I love the patterned throw pillows! Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my booth, I really appreciate it!

labbie1 said...

I like it too! Especially the nail head trim. Isn't it nice to have an appreciation for what we have already? Kinda makes you feel good!


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