October Beauty

Happy October to you all!

The past two days have been some of of the most beautiful autumn days ever!  The temperatures have been warm with clear blue skies and the fall colors have been outstanding.

We had to go out yesterday so we took the RV so I could get some country road driving practice in.  I'm so glad we went!  It was a beautiful drive.  

We took a little bit of a wrong turn at one point and since you just don't pull into a driveway and turn the big boat around, we just kept on going...

And we were glad we did!  
We were like tourists in our own county.  It was just one of those moments.  Perfect weather.  Beautiful scenery.  

When we came home I took a couple of pictures around the yard.  There's rain in the forecast starting tomorrow and these golden fall days will be behind us.  It's amazing how different the trees will look in just a few days...

I love this time of year.

Happy October!


Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Oh how beautiful! Ours doesn't look like this here in Mississippi, and most likely won't. I think it is great that your learning to drive the "big boat", lol. We just bought a small camper that you pull. I have never pulled anything in my life. We went to Gatlinburg a few weeks ago and I always drive. This time, pulling the camper, hubby didn't want me behind the wheel, lol. He let me drive for a bit, but then told me to pull over because he thought I was driving a little too fast. Good luck, you will be whipping up in any drive way you choose to turn around in soon!

GardenofDaisies said...

Your trees look so beautiful. We are finally starting to notice a color change in ours.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

What a beautiful drive! I love narrow winding roads...we don't see many of those in our part of Kansas nor do we see many red leaves. I can't believe how much farther along into fall you are than here...most of our trees are still green! How I wish we had your reds. ENJOY!
Maura :)


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