My Motorhome Makeover -or- Who Likes Red?

Where have I been?  

On a little Vacation.

It's been busy, busy, busy!

Oldest daughter has gone off to Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI.  We planned to visit her there this fall.  Four of the kids would be going with us.

A while back, we had decided that we would replace our older (old!) RV.  After shopping around, we found a like new (at least to us!) RV to purchase.  It's definitely not new, but it was in good condition and mechanically sound.  We drove a few hours away to get it, but we really liked it and it was priced within our tight budget.

Of course, all rvs seem to have some upholstered features from a certain era that must have been popular at the time they were made.  We looked at rvs that were teal! teal! teal! everywhere as well as a lot of mauve.  Hubby reminded me that it was the condition that mattered, not colors.  Well...yeah...but when I looked at all of the mauve carpet I wondered what I might possibly already have that would coordinate with such a color.  Answer: not much.

Along comes RV that hubby likes the best.  He liked the low miles, solid roof, good tires, mechanicals in perfect working order.  I see that the unit is very clean and that blue is the main color and I thought "I can work with this..."  The sellers were friendly and we were both happy.

It was time to start personalizing!

So what did I do?  I started sewing!  I really am not a "pink" person so I decided to make new curtains and such. I was determined to try and update the rv with materials that I already had stashed away.  I wanted a little home away from home that I would like to look at and live in and I was inspired by the many rv makeovers online.  I saw how people have painted cabinetry and replaced flooring but hey, I only had a couple of days!  I might do something with the sofa and dinette in the future, but for now they look ok to me.
Sofa & Dinette "before"

hung a couple of pictures...
Sofa and Dinette "after"

I made new curtains for the bedroom area too.  The before pictures are from the listing photos...of course I forgot to take my own before I started changing everything!

Bedroom "before"

Bedroom "after"

Kitchen areas don't change much, but I did what I could to "make it my own".

A funny thing happened on the way up.  Hubby was driving and I fell asleep before he stopped for the night.  He followed the gps to the next available Walmart...except that there was no Walmart.  So he parked anyway and woke me up in the morning to tell me he parked at Hobby Lobby instead.  Did I mind? he wondered... well no!  Ha! I didn't mind at all.  So he went off to fix something and I went off to H.L.

Pretty cool.

The kids had a great time and oldest daughter was happy to see us.  (She was also happy to see the feather bed and winter clothes we brought along for her!)

I made it across...twice!  ( ...just breathe....)

The Marquette area of Michigan is beautiful and I look forward to visiting there again sometime.

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camp and cottage living said...

You've done a great job personalizing your motorhome. It looks so cozy!
We raised all of our children in the UP and our daughter lives there now with her family. Marquette is our old stomping ground and it is wonderful indeed!

Ashley said...

The motor home looks fantastic! It's! :D
Just think of all great family trips you can take now that you have a cute and cozy new RV (that won't break down and leave you stranded!)!

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

How wonderful to be on the road like that. Love the motorhome, it is so charming. Thanks for sharing.

Diann said...

Congrats on your "new to you" rv! Yup, pink and teal...that's the color scheme in our travel trailer. You did a great job adding your touches to it. From one Michigander to anther, have a great week! HAPPY REDNESDAY!

~~Carol~~ said...

Your RV looks so cozy, and full of all the comforts of home! When my husband retires, we hope to get one and do alot of traveling. So much fun to be out on the road, exploring!
Happy REDnesday,

Tanya Anurag said...

OMG... you totally transformed the RV and ALL for good :) I love the new look. If I would have done something like that, I would have never set my foot out of the van. Awesome!!

I live in Western MI and went to the north last year for Fall. It was beautiful. The pictures here remind me of the wonderful time I had :) Thanks for sharing!


Mecky said...

You did a neat job on the RV!!!

My sister lives by Marquette. I haven't been there in ages although I have never been there in the Fall. Her husband doesn't like to come to Kansas because it makes him feel naked. I feel smothered with all the trees!! But it is still pretty t here!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I'd say that all that red in the kitchen area made it your very own!


Darling, scarlet ladybug,
On the prowl for bugs and such,
If I met you on the rug,
I would not be frightened (much).

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Red Cactus Fruit

Melody said...

What a great makeover! The RV looks more like a real home. You are soooo lucky.

Mom Walds Place said...

Quilts make everything better!

abeachcottage said...

You have a lovely motorhome! Great job with your personal touches. Glad you had a wonderful time on your trip :)

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

What a wonderful make-over you did and I LOVE the red! You've given it your warm personality and it will be a cozy place to travel and sleep. We have a slide in camper that hubby wants to sell and I'd LOVE to have a smaller RV like yours just to travel around in one day. Our dream is to one day drive up to Prince Edward Island and work our way back down through Arkansas in the fall as the leaves change. Michigan is such a beautiful state especially where your family lives. I hope you get to go on a few more adventures in your RV before winter hits up there. Have a wonderful week!
Maura :)

Mary Ellen said...

Enjoyed seeing the changes you made to your little bungalow!

I recently did something similar to our 5th wheel. The fabric on the cushions of yours looks very similar to what ours has too. It was fun to dress her up for a camping trip we took just a few weeks ago!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love the changes you made and how you personalized the motor home. We hope to get one some day. We will rent one first to see if we are campers.

Kelley said...


I sooooo enjoyed this post! Beautiful RV. I miss ours! When we're on deputation, we travel in a 24-foot Dutchmen travel trailer we call The Li'l Dutchgirl. She's a gem, and we loathe staying (AND PAYING) in hotels.

I'm going to be following!

Have a great Wednesday. Ours was here in Manila, the Philippines, where we serve as missionaries.

Diane said...

Love the look of the motor home...well done! I too have driven over that bridge and it makes me a tad nervous. I am your newest follower and looking forward to upcoming posts. Diane

labbie1 said...

I love what you did! My hubby and I decided to hit the road in a 5th wheel after our son was raised and on his own and guess what I am dealing with???? TEAL!!! Oh yeah! and seafoam green carpet which is on the way OUT! Yikes! I didn't know that there are other bloggers out there redoing their campers! Cool! I need to look around! :) It really is a fun though! LOVE yours!

labbie1 said...

PS--I found you through Wow Us Wednesday over at Savvy Southern Style and decided to follow someone who seems to have similar tastes to mine! :) Now, can you share some of the sites that you found with camper make-overs? :)

Sherry said...

Love what you did with your motor home. What a fun and cozy way to see the country.

Sandra said...

Great job on the face lift for your "new" motor home. It looks amazing!

Dayle said...

From one RVer to another, love the makeover.

Angela Bain said...

This is so cute and very inspiring! Your mini-makeover is one of the best I have seen. We are in the process of a total remodel on the "new-to-us-RV" we recently purchased.

If anyone would like to check out my current headache, feel free to head over to my blog and read all about it. Any ideas are welcome. Goodness knows I need inspiration. :)


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