Halloween Party Foods

Last year we had friends over on Halloween weekend for some fun and games and of course, snacks!  We will probably do the same thing again this year. I have a couple of ideas on some new treats to try, but for this post I will share a few photos of some foods we had last year. 

My daughters had a good time creating this little graveyard cake.
The ghost is behind the (kit-kat) coffin that is emerging from the ground.  Oooo...scary!  (and yummy!)
I loved the little white hand pushing the coffin lid aside...

The cake was so cute. And oh-so-scary too.  

(I gave the picture a little edit job on picnik.  I am having such fun with the special effects over there!)

For a hearty snack, I made some bread dough and then some meat filling and then combined them in a new way....

It's part of a leg!  
Or an arm....
Or just a big bone...
They had to rise a bit before going into the oven...which made them look a little...swollen...
But they were yummy and a big hit with the kids.

For dessert we had used kitty litter.  Lots of it.  Also a big hit... especially with the little boys.
(it's a layered, trifle-type pudding you know, with crushed oreos and colored cake crumbs on top....and chocolate.)

 I know.  Ew.

It was fun and it was safe and it was silly.  I look forward to making some new yummies and surprising the kids again this year.

Happy All Hallows Eve

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camp and cottage living said...

Your family sure has a great imagination! I loved it all, but the kitty litter. That was just too gross!!
I bet your parties are a big smash, for sure!

Janet @Ozarks Livin' said...

Made me laugh. Love your sense of humor.


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