Small, Inexpensive Changes

I had to return some party lanterns to Hobby Lobby over the weekend. They didn't get used due to bad weather.

So I browsed around and found that their metalworks items were half off so I got a piece of decorative metal for the master bedroom, and....
...some metal letters for above my new shelves.
I also picked up a small metal sign with some Scripture that I liked.

The shelves are working out great. I think we're pretty used to them now. They were one of the last things in my kitchen that I wanted to do. I feel pretty content with the way things are.

If I were to go after anything in the house that is bugging me, it would be the need to declutter my storage areas. I did a little bit of sewing room rearranging today, but only managed to fill a small trash bag. I need to get busy!


Cindy said...

Very nice additions to your bedroom and kitchen. I've often thought I would like open shelves in my kitchen. They look so farmhouse.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh how I wish we had a hobby lobby.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Wonderful finds everything looks great!..We are getting a Hobby Lobby in our Town in fact it will be only blocks from my house..Yeah, I can't wait to go exploring in the store.
The pictures of around the farm are so cool. I love the walk down the lane, it looks so peaceful. The farm is the perfect place for the dogs, they must love it. Your property is beautiful.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Our Country Bungalow said...

Thank you for your kind comment Elizabeth. And I agree, it is a great place for the dogs. It's mostly fenced from the road and there's a gate at the drive. The dogs even go out the screen doors on their own when I tell them to. (In the summer, that is.)
And Elaine, we don't have a Hobby Lobby here either. :-(
I had to drive to another city. It was no small task for the minimalist driver that I am!

Teresa Fredenburg said...

I love your home especially the open shelves! Lucky you to live where you do!


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