Small Bedroom Changes

I haven't done much in the way of changing things around here lately. I've been enjoying summer. But I did a small change in our master bedroom the other day and I took photos as I went along. (Not the highest quality photos, just phone photos again, because the kids always have the digital camera!)

So the week started with one of my girls, my daughter-in-law, and myself checking out Hobby Lobby in a nearby town. The wall art was half off so I browsed and found a print that I really liked. I just knew it would look good with the colors in the M. bedroom.
So I tried hanging it above the bed where I planned and I didn't like it with the shelf that was there. I wanted to keep the shelf, a gift from hubby long ago, but I decided to paint it.
I went and sprayed it Heirloom white.
After it was dry, I sanded the shelf lightly to age it a bit.

But I didn't like how white it looked with the print. So I mixed up some tinted Mod Podge and painted it on and then wiped it off and it gave me the look I was going for.

In the mean time, while waiting for the paint to dry, I decided to make some new pillow shams. I gave my other shams to my daughter-in-law and the bed felt bare. So I whipped up these.
So by this time the painted shelf was dry and I hung it back up. I didn't think it looked right with the empty space between the print and the shelf so I grabbed some brown and white saucers to fill the space.And there you go! One afternoon and two small changes.LinkWhat do you think?

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Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Isn't it wonderful what a can of paint can do and a little sewing...great seasonal changes! I'm glad you didn't move the's always nice to have things that have special meaning where we can see them. I like what you did with it! I hope your weekend has been a good one so far.
Maura :)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...
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Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I enjoyed browsing your blog today too! Thanks for the visit and the comment on the lazy Boy Recliner.... ♥ Carrie

Angela said...

I love it. I also love the picture of the Blessed Mother. ..oh I just noticed the other side too..St. Joseph and baby Jesus? I love that print on the goodness that is beautiful too..of course the toile plates are divine also. Ok, ok,,I love everything, LOL


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