Ultimate Cinema!

We had a lot of fun this 4th of July weekend and one of the silly things we tried out was watching a full length feature film while floating in the pool!The kids had purchased a projector for us for Christmas and they had this little idea in the back of their minds ever since.

The day had been hot, the pool was warm, and it was a beautiful night. Tech-boy Peter, 17, made a screen/speaker set up and we were convinced to give it a try.

We all went out for ice-cream and stopped by the local superstore to check out the floatie selection. Low and behold, the perfect pool loungers were clearanced out cheap so what do you do? At that point it was pretty much destiny.

...loading up with our prize inflatables!
So we rushed home, pumped up floaties, chose a patriotic film in honor of the 4th ( The Patriot) and viola! The perfect luxurious movie viewing experience.

I laughed so hard at first when we were getting situated...trying to point ourselves toward the screen and not drift around.

I also kept thinking that floating around like this reminded me of something...
Oh yeah...I felt a little like this...

At the end of the show, the kids declared it to be the best way to watch a movie and "so much fun we could sell tickets!"

The plan is to watch a fun comedy soon and of course, everyone votes that we have to include a night where we watch "Jaws".

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!
I am linking up with My Romantic Home's Show & Tell Friday because ideas this silly are meant to be shared. ;-)


Cindy said...

What a fun idea! I can imagine how funny it was to get situated. We love our pool, but our kids don't use it anymore. Just my husband and I!

Freedom Three said...

i see y'all are in your clothes. no one got pushed in?

Our Country Bungalow said...

The kids had swimsuits on and t-shirts. They draped towels across their legs in case of mosquitoes.
But no one got pushed in. :-)

camp and cottage living said...

What an imaginative idea!
You are sure making some great memories with your children.
Mine are older now and these are the sort of things that fondly remain in their hearts forever!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

OH my gosh what a wonderful idea! LOL I can just imagine how fun it was to get everyone lined up in the pool so you could all see the movie...did you have to hold hands once in a while to keep in line? I can picture it LOL! We have a pool too and I just showed my hubby your post...he thought we'd give that a try once we build our little hillbilly shack (in front of our future pond ;) I don't know if I could watch JAWS in the pool though! Thanks for the good laugh and the great idea!
Maura :)

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

That is truly awesome!!! How funny to see everyone in their reclining water chairs.


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