Still Here

I've been keeping a low profile for the last couple of weeks. Haven't been browsing too many blogs or making comments. Haven't taken many photos or sewn much. Not much to report.

It's been hot, yes, but not unbearably so. I live in Michigan and although we've had some high temperatures and humidity, I don't think we've experienced the miserable heat that some of the other midwestern states have endured.

Which is a blessing, because ....we don't have AC.


Yes, it's true. No air-conditioning. Not at home, not even in the car.

Am I dying? No.
Do I want AC? Actually, no.
Am I sometimes hot? Yes.
Am I in need of a neighborhood cooling center? Goodness, no. ;-)

We have canned this week, made cheese, cooked like normal, did our usual routine. Throughout the week we periodically saw the news and were warned about the extreme temperatures and to take precautions and not to even let our pets outside for more than a few minutes at a time.

Seriously? Pets?

It was in the upper 90's here at its very worst but only for one afternoon. It felt like a hot summer day. Yes, a hot one, but not so different from a hot summer day in any other summer of my life.

We swam a little, but the pool was pretty warm and not all that refreshing. We closed the windows to the sun and had a couple of fans on and just laid low. Did some inside stuff. For a couple of hours.

We have farm animals who need their waters checked frequently. Our big dogs have their own little-tykes pool; the water changed every day. When they are hot, they sometimes sit in it for a minute. Then they dig around in the shady sandbox and lay down and snooze. (this combination of wet dog + sand makes me reluctant to invite them inside) The chickens aren't penned up so they make little dust pits in the shade. The sheep and goats linger in the basement of the barn, which is probably cooler than my house, and their water is brought to them, rather than have to stand in the sunny barnyard to drink. The pigs have shade and a mud hole refreshed with water daily and they seem pretty content. The cats lounge on the cement walls of the north-facing stone front porch and enjoy whatever breeze that comes their way.

Does it seem like misery? No.

Family and friends who live 24-7 in AC seem to suffer more when they visit.
If they visit. We've had visitors stay in their running cars, windows down, AC cranked. I offer a glass of lemonade on the front porch but I my invitation is declined. I am surprised sometimes at the people we know who will complain about the heat on an 80 degree day at 9 in the morning. It seems many of us can't even appreciate a beautiful summer day.

Personally, I love the breeze. I love it when my curtains blow in the wind. I love hearing birds. I love hearing the kids play outside. For me, after a long winter of being stuck inside, it's a treat.

A neighbor told me about visiting a notoriously crowded art fair in a nearby city. I haven't gone in years as I don't love crowds. She said she went on a cloudy afternoon recently and it was crowded as usual. But then the sun came out and wham! Suddenly deserted. I never thought of that. Maybe I will check it out after all. On a sunny day. :-)


Michelle said...

Really? Can they really not enjoy a summers day without AC... the mind boggles, I wonder how the people manage in Vanuatu and such places then, definately no AC on some of those islands
! And they miss out on so much if they decline a nice cool lemonade on your gorgeous porch:O)

Kelli said...

Unfortunately, on the hottest of days this last week (we were upper 90s with a heat index well over 100) we had absolutely no breeze. It was completely stifling. And also unfortunately, the older I get, the less I'm able to handle that kind of heat. Makes me feel positively ill. :( I worried that I'd be miserable at the beach and we did see 90*+ temps, but there is ALWAYS a breeze there, so I was just fine. Enjoyed every bit of it! But here at home, with no breeze blowing, it gets pretty miserable.

Lorilee said...

Here in South Texas almost everyone has AC. We are hot as usual, but the humidity is actually lower than usual for the summertime. The humidity is what makes it so miserable. We desperately need rain.

wickedfaerie said...

Like you we also do not have central air on the farm. It has been in the 90's here in Canada this week and my two dogs are 14. It is the hardest on them so I must admit we put a small air conditioner in the mudroom for them. We can go in the pool and sit under the fan, I cannot get them to sit near the fan for long. Unfortunately there have been little breezes. As I am writing this we have gotten our first rain, a real downpour, in weeks. Thank goodness the garden needs it. I live in Ontario which is very much like Michigan weather wise. I love the summer but it is a week like this that makes me really appreciate the four seasons.

Keepin' cool in Canada

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi there!

I'm no fan of AC either and we finally turned on our AC for two days this week because my daughter couldn't sleep at night. Her wining worked!

I prefer open windows and fans. Our Chicago winters are too long to close the windows and turn on icy refrigerated air!

My car needs Freon in it (has for months) and I have not gone in to the auto shop to have it added. I guess I am odd, but it sounds like I am in good company here!

Just had two nights of heavy rain... maybe you are getting it now too? Has cooled things off here immensely and the humidity has dropped too.

Doors and windows are open. Ahhhhh.

I love the summer and would take hot over cold any day!

Thanks for sharing.

GardenofDaisies said...

I love having windows open and curtains blowing in the breeze! But we only get to enjoy that in the spring and fall.


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