Who's Cute?

This little guy? Um...well....
His mommy probably thinks so.
He's a baby turkey vulture!
And when I mentioned that I was taking pictures in the milkhouse earlier today, it was of him. I was trying to get a photo or two before he left us. You never know when you're going to be this close to a vulture again. ;-)
Our nephew has been hired to tear down and dispose of a trailer, deep in the overgrown back 40 of a neighboring property. While doing so yesterday, he disturbed two baby turkey vultures who were living in the long-abandoned mobile home. Before he knew it, one managed to scurry away underneath what was left of the building and he couldn't reach it. But the other one appeared to be injured and unable to get away.

So what did he do? He brought the injured one here.

Now I am usually not very hopeful when it comes to raising an injured wild bird. It just rarely works out. But luckily for us, our scientist friend, Ellen, was here and she called the university where she works and somebody...somewhere agreed to take the bird.


So he needed to make it through the night, which he did. The girls fed him some bits of leftover steak, for lack of a better idea, and between hissing and snarling at us, he gobbled it up.

So here he is this morning, in his pool shock box/car seat, getting loaded into the car to make the trip to MSU, where hopefully he will be taken care of and returned back to the wild eventually.

Bye little guy! Good Luck!


Esther is not-quite-perfect said...

Cute he is NOT! But he sure deserves a chance to get back on his feet! Good luck, little one!!

Cindy said...

Well, the downy feathers are pretty! I hope he makes it. Sometimes we have a couple of vultures land on our metal roof barn. They can make a lot of noise up there!

Kyle said...

Funny, that of all appropriate titles EC is dubbed our "scientist friend". Works in this context of course. Good pictures. They don't seem to really show how large the bird was though. It was really the size of an adult chicken.

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

What an 'interesting' looking creature! Can't imagine ever running into one of those in downtown Toronto! Thanks for sharing.

Loretta said...

Don't think I've see one this color before! Hope the little one makes it. Just found your blog, and love it, especially the fur-babies! I am your new follower! Come on over and follow us too, we'll be happy to have you! Hugs!


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