Update : The Cute One

Well not exactly "cute" like puppy or kitten cute. One of those faces that only a mother could love...Anyway, "Jeff" is currently residing at the University Veterinary Clinic. He had a broken leg after all and he has a splint and he's doing really well. He was moved out of intensive care yesterday. They say he definitely eats well.

The question, as of yesterday, was how we might possibly get him back to his humble home where he could be cared for by his own mother and taught the basics of turkey vulture life...hunting and finding some choice roadkill. These are very adaptable birds.

I don't really know how that's going to work out. But we'll see what we can find out and I'll keep you posted.

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Cozy Little House said...

He's stolen my heart! You are a good soul, a generous and warm person.


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